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12 April 2016 [Tuesday] @ 06:26 pm - Stress~
With work slowly getting on me and stress starting to pile up, though I know I'm really looking forward and excited about it, but thinking how big is the possible kpop event will be on July and with my Korea plans (working on my visa, itineraries and stuffs) and dad and siblings coming over, I seriously can't imagine how stressful probably will be my next few coming months most especially July. Still continuously praying that everything will work out just fine<3
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01 June 2015 [Monday] @ 12:50 pm - Certified Public Accountant
More than a year of abandoning my LJ and now finally I can be back with a bang! It's been more than a week since the result were out and it still haven't sink in to me much.

More than a decade after I entered the Accountancy course and half a decade after I graduated, finally the title! Praise God! May 21, 2015 11PM. The time and date you become a professional that you'd been wanting for long is just a hard moment to forget. I don't even know exactly what I'll do after this and if I'm really gonna be successful once I had it but for now, so so grateful that I can now move on! Whew! Excited for the oath taking with my dad coming back home for it and have to face the reality again of job hunting escapade!

Yey to now guilt-free malling, web surfing, Youtube-ing and of course movie and drama marathons! That was the highlight and what really meant of moving on for me. LOL. I want to try other things like driving, piano or be more serious learning Korean/Chinese/Japanese language. Just anything that held me back due to work and review. I think I can be fully back to LJ-ing and drama reviews now too though doing it in a smartphone is such a struggle so hopefully I can own a decent laptop again soon! LJapp needs to be re-installed again. Heh.

PS: I've gone way too long to LJ and using PC that made me lost and I actually had to backtrack to my previous entries to make the proper embed. ROFL.
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02 April 2014 [Wednesday] @ 10:10 pm - VIP anyone?
I'll always...always be back and be in LJ, of course!<3

So so excited! I think I'm gonna waste my summer waiting/anticipating & getting all excited for this. I waited for them and missed some kpop events for this :D I'll finally be in VIP at a concert again after years when I went to SG to see Fahrenheit. Yay! With backstage access as well at that \o/ I dunno...I just think I'll be enjoying it since I know most of their songs. Remind me to research and carefully think of my plan on that day! No typhoon or sudden conflict schedule w/ this, please? :D This is different though and is standing so I hope I can survive and the entrance & exit will be organize unlike the Lee Min Ho event. BOO. Nobody warned me. Feel free to whack me if ever I join free events/or it's a free seating concert where I have to queue the whole day and surrender my body in a crowd. Not gonna happen again for me!!! I really hope the merchandise included in the package will be worth it. Teehee.

See you, girls!<3

Will problematize about MAMA 2014 later if ever. GAWD. :S
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19 January 2013 [Saturday] @ 08:48 pm - Getting my couple back!
One week late of the news and this really felt surreal but I'm jumping of joy that it's happening!
Jo Hyun Jae and Han Chae Young reuniting on a kdrama! OMFG!!! Though it doesn't really makes sense that they'll only be second leads here, the "Only You couple" seals this drama. Will not miss this for the world. Apparently, I'm much of a Han Chae Young-Jo Hyun Jae fan than Han Chae Young-Jae Hee and everything else. I'm so happy I'm getting my couple back. I hope teasers will come out already soon and the story won't disappoint me. It makes me more excited to know that aside from me, there are lots of other fans that's looking forward to this reunion too. Can't wait! There's the new Song Hye Kyo - Jo In Sung drama too (That Winter, Wind Blows) and both dramas will premiere next month but I'm obviously more spazzy and excited about this. xD This news brighten up everything after the little shitty things that's been happening to me since the start of the year. Expect drama spazz/tweets/status from me starting next month. PUAHAHAHA.
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17 January 2013 [Thursday] @ 11:41 pm - LJapp

Hello iTouch LJapp! Curious how it looks like. Let's see if I may update much often here now now that's LJ is just an "iTouch away". No more excuses, eh? If I'll have the patience in the world typing from here, that is :D Oh yeah...Kakaotalk (angeliesa) and Instagram (gelairoda), add me too? <333

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31 December 2012 [Monday] @ 11:14 pm - Bidding 2012 goodbye with smile~
LJ!!! Did it really took me almost half a year before I got to visit you again? OMG. I need a year ender entry of course. xD Sick but ready to welcome 2013.

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year everyone!

Spent half of the year on my job where apparently there isn't much to reminisce but really, I cannot dare complain and just be thankful. The routinary life that's like of a government employee. It's really different from IBM before. I wish and pray that I finally get to be stable with my job since family have decided on something really big that requires me and my brother to be established. It's frustrating but so looking forward to it. Lost 2 grandmothers (maternal and paternal) and 1 grandfather (maternal side) that family is getting through but anyhow, we're with my dad who haven't spent Christmas here in Philippines for almost 20 years. We had Wanie this year too whom we really love now. I couldn't be more grateful.

Overall, I'll think of 2012 as a good year. I can bid goodbye to it with a smile. Not exactly great but I know there are another chances and things can get better on 2013.

I'll get to travel again. Yay! Singapore and Hong Kong 2013 so really looking forward to it.<3
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15 June 2012 [Friday] @ 11:07 pm - Back on track!

Looks like my life is starting to be back on track after its dark times. I'm in awe! God is good (never doubted this) and when it rains, it pours! Thankful! Going back on work force starting on Monday. FINALLY. So much already of being a bummer. I really need now moolah for my fandom, travel, vanity frustrations, and everything else so it's time to work my butt off again. Will just do my best and enjoy whatever I'll experience :)

And just randomly...
- B.O. plot case on going on Detective Conan. I can only curse. I envy fans who can see through Aoyama-san and usually get their theories right on what's going on to the point of surprise element losing just because the fans have already deduced it exactly. I guess it's also on me for reading spoilers. o_O; It's crazy how this just simply started around London Arc (well...it's a Ranichi development arc so technically, it's not simple. xDDD) two years ago and now, I still hang tight on every updates on it. Just my happy pill~

- Not livestreaming any kdrama as of now but on my Protect the Boss marathon<3 The much needed catch up on my watchlist.

- What is I managed to make @thalia follow me. Surreal! Whew! And I got an emoticon as a DM back on my DMs to her. HAHA. Old fandom is old. With her and Belinda having new albums. WOW. Talk about timing.

Update again next time :) Missed you soooooo muuuuch LJ<333
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25 February 2012 [Saturday] @ 10:55 pm - A serious business that is SNSD.

From left to right: Taeyeon, Hyoyeon, Seohyun, Sooyoung, Yoona, Jessica, Tiffany, Sunny and Yuri.

I don't know what gotten into me but I know I somehow ought to do this. Why not be 'in' on knowing SNSD members, yeah? So after trying to distinguish them by watching their MVs with their names on it and browsing some of their pictures, the side comments that entered my mind were :

* At first, I had the impression of everyone being Yoona, her being the most popular among the members. They look all the same at first sight and Yoona is there common face. Everyone just looks like Yoona at first glance. o_O;
* Thank God Sunny has a remarkable face that made me easily remember her amidst her blonde hair in The Boys backward :D
* SooYoung also has a remarkable face, for me. I just can't remember who is it but she also reminds me of someone. No problem distinguishing her among them :D
* Yuri and SeoHyun are kinda look alike but Yuri is more like Lee Da Hae to me while Seo Hyun reminds me of UEE (from You're Beautiful. Not updated yet with After School. LOL.)
* I keep in mind Sandara to help recognizing TaeYeon. NYAHAHA. Doesn't she looks like Sandara on also a Sandara-ish pose on that pic? XD
* HyoYeon, for me, has the most exotic beauty among the members though I'm slowly recognizing her in some pics I browse but kinda difficult to recognize her in their MVs. And yes...at some point she resembles Song Hye Kyo.
* I interchange and mix Jessica and Tiffany. The one I consider hardest and last challenge for me in this serious business of familiarizing myself with the girls. LOL.

I guess I will just eventually be familiar to them after this. And it will come out naturally. Not that I'm forcing myself to be a fan. Or maybe yes. Being able to distinguish members of a kpop group and hum to their songs at times means you're already a fan. Well, I like Genie, Hoot, Baby Baby and The Boys but not really on LSS/repetitive mode liking. *peace*

SIDE NOTE: I'm selling my Twilight book. Please check it out! Thank you awesomeness!!!
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27 January 2012 [Friday] @ 09:38 pm - Appreciative and thankful for life.
Hi LJ! I think I couldn't let January pass, my birthday month that is, without even at least one entry. Much more my first entry for the year. Woah!

The year seems to be starting fine for me anyhow. No such big development in my life happened yet but my hopes, positivity and prayers are still on. Been doing job interviews and have some plans in the next few months. I really hope big things will finally start coming. Birthday last week went great. Thankful for good friends whom I can spend my birthday with aside from family. I think I never got more thankful for a birthday of than I was this year. HOMG to aging (the more hesitant to answer you get when asked of age through the years) but can only be appreciative and thankful for life<3 Just really grateful. I think the thought come after what happened to Tito Ronnie.

Getting to maintain my own room and getting to be more closer catching up with my girl cousins as I'm stuck here at home is reviving somehow my current blah life. You see I'm catching up with my movie watchlist too so I tend to randomly tweet about random movies lately :D Mostly the classic and popular movie ones. I guess it's on the mood too and maybe it's because I can have the bandwith on my own at weekdays due to brother is always at either OJT or school that I'm always in the mood to download. And that's NOT VIA TORRENT. I plan to finish the vital ones on my list before I can start working and be busy again...hopefully soon.

Oh yeah, so happy about Ella getting married<3
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31 December 2011 [Saturday] @ 07:18 pm - 2011
Hello everyone! Last day of 2011. Whew! I want to make it up with my LJ so here I am making for a year-end entry<3 The sound of the random firecrackers (that have been since the other day. o_O;) just gets me into the mood. Not planning to make this dramatic and such so don't worry. ROFL. Done with all the errands about my own room so yeah. I'm all for this.

Me during Christmas eve. There isn't really much to tell about my Christmas aside from the foods. Non stop eating! Daebak! Christmas is for children, you see~ Lo lo Bart (my grandma's brother) from U.S. was with us and relatives visited last Christmas Day with so many cute children playing around, I guess that's it. Wasn't able to watch a filmfest movie neither see Disney on Ice. No San Gaspar reunion too. How come my Christmas was that blah. LOL.

I really can't say that 2011 is a year to be favorited but it didn't gone that bad for me either. As I mentioned before, the first half of the year were dark times while the second half were just blah. My mom's cousin, Tito Ronnie, passing away this month shook the whole Tubalinal clan. My tightest hugs for my second cousins. I think the only good thing happened was dad coming back, our Bora vacation and my catching up with lots of good movies and dramas when I got this time of my life. I've never done it worry-free not until now. 2011 gave me SeGa and City Hunter, I should acknowledge that. Thankful too for my friends who stick through with me<3

I'm like wanting 2012 to come faster. It being a dragon year just excites me much. With my mom possibly going to U.S. again and me working again and having independence, I'm so looking forward to that. I wish to stay healthy and fabulous plus I wish for awesome work, Iphone, travels, full blast fandom, more epic dramas and movies and more Detective Conan. HAHAHA. Good vibes. I think I've gone much mature, simplier and carefree with my views and wants in life due to aging so it shouldn't be that hard to be happy and have hopes for the coming year.

Happy New Year, friends. May we all have a great year ahead. Much much love~
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